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Tracked olive harvesting umbrella

Technical data

B.P. Metalmeccanica S.r.l. considering the need for operators to speed up the olive harvest as much as possible, first and foremost safeguarding plants, has designed a self propelled machine that is compact in size and allows moving easily between the plants

The machine installed on a crawler undercarriage allows thè opening of an umbrella of various sizes, depending on thè characteristics of thè plants where they must work.

The umbrella, can be a fixed size, or with telescopio rods, which allow a variable size of thè umbrella itself.
The opening - closing of thè umbrella is hydraulically controlled.

The tank is applied to thè front of thè machine with a System that allows it to be tilted both horizontally and vertically, allowing it to work even on sloping terrain or on stepped plantations.
A lifting System allows unloading up to a height of about 1 mt from thè ground, thè unloading is done automatically and hydraulically controlled.

The possibility of removing thè equipment when not necessary, allows thè machine to be used also for other functions, such as transport, as a platform for pruning trees or harvesting fruit
Instead of thè tub, a shredder can be applied for thè maintenance of thè greenery.
All this makes it multi-functional and usable throughout thè year.