Tracked Olive Harvesting Umbrella

Equipment for Harvesting Olives and Hanging Fruits

The machine, installed on a tracked undercarriage, allows for the opening of an umbrella of various sizes, depending on the characteristics of the installations where it needs to work.

The umbrella can have a fixed size or telescopic rods, allowing for variable dimensions. The opening and closing of the umbrella are hydraulically controlled.

The collection basin is mounted at the front of the machine with a system that allows it to tilt both laterally and longitudinally, enabling operation even on sloped terrain or terraced plantations. A lifting system allows discharge up to a height of about 1.8 meters from the ground, and the discharge is performed automatically via hydraulic control.


The machine can also be equipped, upon request, with a hydraulic shaker for harvesting. The ability to remove the equipment when not needed allows the machine to be used for other functions, making it versatile and usable throughout the year.