Machines for Cleaning and Washing Photovoltaic Panels

The machine was conceived, designed, and manufactured in-house and is dedicated to the specific function of cleaning photovoltaic panels. It is customizable in features and dimensions based on the configuration of the installations where it will operate, capable of meeting the various needs of industry operators, and adaptable to any environmental conditions.


The brush consists of elements that vary in length from 80mm to 200mm, depending on the type, and are interchangeable. The average lifespan is about 3,000 working hours.

Equipped with a telescopic arm, it can operate with brushes up to 7.5 meters in length, with a cleaning system that uses water or dry methods, utilizing the same brush.

When water cleaning is used, the machine operates with hot water. The water temperature is increased by 15°-20° by recovering the heat released from the machine’s hydraulic system, without affecting fuel consumption in any way.

The machine, installed on a 10-ton tracked undercarriage, is equipped with a STAGE V internal combustion engine.

The water system consists of a 2100-liter capacity tank, a pump with a flow rate of 40 liters per minute, and a softening system for water treatment with a regeneration system during the working phase.

The electrical system is powered by 12 volts, with an electronic control unit managing the various functions of the machine. The work phase is managed automatically through sensors positioned on the brush body.

The machine is programmed to avoid any abrupt impact of the brush with the panels, preventing rapid deterioration.

The onboard video system allows the operator to view the working area, facilitating operation.

It is equipped with a climate-controlled cab for comfortable use, and work lights on the front and rear, allowing for operation even at night.


Usable with a brush up to 7.5 meters in length
Working speed between 900 and 1500 m/h

Brush protected by a plexiglass cover, preventing the dispersion of residues (dust or water splashes) outside of it

The operator can adjust several variables (water consumption, distance of the brush from the panels)

Recommended for use at the same site.