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Technical data

The drawer compactors produced by BP Metalmeccanica are ideal equipment for the reduction of the volume of any type of bulky refuse (paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, metal containers, etc. ...) considering a large saving in transport costs and cleaning in storage areas.
They are built with quality steels in the form of trunk / conical to facilitate the emptying of the waste.

The operation in connection with electro-380V. can be automatic, semiautomatic or manual. The cabinet is equipped with PLC and approved to EEC standards. The hydraulic power unit with 10 hp engine allows you to develop compaction force of 25 and 50 tons. with a maximum working pressure of 200 bar.
The upper hatch operates hydraulically with connection to the means of transport's system.

They are equipped with dual lifting hooks to facilitate handling. The front hook is removable to facilitate loading of the hopper. As optionally can be provided by: hydraulic ejector for emptying, open side panels, equipment for cargo containers, an extra vertical press